Be The Love You Are

Chris DeCicco-  Founder of Be The Love You Are

Social Entrepreneur - Lover of Love - Inspiring Alchemist - Spirit Filled Servant - Curious Cat- Evolving Dude- The Hugster 

Dedicated to helping people expand their love & joy in life through the path of self love, transformation, healing, connecting and being love.

Chris's journey and greatest lessons have been part of a remarkable transformation from corporate sales to social entrepreneur and cultural visionary.  His continuing path of awakening, evolution and becoming whole have not come from years in ashrams or impressive lineages but from living authentically and continuing to do the work as a student/teacher and sharing openly.

He is actively involved in being of service as a facilitator, and co-creator of events, workshops, educational information and healing practices focused on connecting, relating, healing, embodiment , sexuality and intimacy in order to live a more heart centered, ecstatic and blissful life. is committed to helping people have more love & joy in their lives through the path of self love, transformation, play and living in the sacred heart .  

My personal mission is to co-create a world of LoveJoy and Abundance by helping us Be the Love we Want to See in the World. I don't claim to know anything you don't already know, but if I can help you remember what you already know, I am blessed.  
I am also involved in deep healing and inner work as a co-leader of a Men's Group in Boulder in the Mankind Project community. Please consider joining this fantastic movement if you want more authentic, conscious men in the world.

My personal practices include Kundalini Yoga, meditation and involvement in many groups and communities that are focused on cultivating  relationships with self, the divine, and others and include ecstatic dance, T-Group, Heart First Business Group , and others.

My wish is that all your dreams come true !

Contact me 303-919-0768