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Be the Love - Divine Snuggle Party , wow!
by chris decicco on January 25th, 2013

Here is the info about the first Divine Snuggle party we held last Friday 1/18/13. It was beyond great. I started the event because my friend Cary wanted one. It got me thinking and I realized I had never been to one either and it sounded great. I totally believe in the value of touch and affection in a safe container so I said yes let's create one. After researching I realized that this type of event has been going on for awhile ( trialblazers like Reid Mikhalo of Cuddle party fame and Kamala Devi of Sacred Snuggle and Tantra fame ) yet for some reason no one was currently doing them here is Boulder. No sooner did I say yes then the event took on a life of it's own. People heard about it and wanted to invite others. It went from a smaller private invite only event to a public event. Who knew people wanted to get there snuggle on ?  Over 45 people turned up , brought the love and connected in the heart. It was sweet, nuturing and fun. Almost everyone who attended wanted more and longer snuggles so we are planning the next one right now. This is a great way for people to explore their desires, wants and needs in the moment and experience what sacred sensuality and concious loving feels like. For some this is perfect and just what they need. For others this can be a start on the Lover's Path of Tantra and some of the other experiential and learning environments and events we will be hosting.

Invite details:

The intention and feel of the event is for my brothers and sisters to have a safe space to come for connection , be loving, nurturing, to give and receive physical affection through touch without fear of harm, expectations, obligations, guilt or shame. This is a non-sexual (i.e. NO SEX) gathering focused on lounging in a comfortable environment without the presence or pressure of sexual jokes, come-ons or boundary violations . We recognize all acts of love and affection as gifts, and we honor each other as... sacred beings united at a spiritual level.
Come be your playful heart, your inner child, tickle, wrestle, cuddle, flirt , kiss , laugh, giggle , share massage, or whatever feels good and be open to truly connecting on a heart level.
This is also a drug and alcohol free event. Please attend consciously.

Agenda for the night:
We will set meet, mingle, call in divine energy, share, discuss the social agreements ( aka rules), have some dance and exercises to get into our bodies, listen to sensual snuggle sounds, and conversation at the opening and closing circles.
7:00pm Doors Open Mix & Mingle.
7:30pm Doors Close
7:30 -10:30 pm Exercises and Divine Snuggle
10:30 Closing circle
11:00 Fully complete and out the door
Requested Love Offering : $10-20
You are welcome to bring snackluck- snacks or finger foods to share with the group to help keep the energy flowing through the night. Nobody will be admitted after the circle is cast. This is a private party and management has the right to refuse attendance to anyone at any time.
Will be covered at the event. All participation is optional. Please take care of yourself, you are 100% responsible for your experience. We will have room monitors to support you if needed.
Please bring any mats, cushions, pillows, blankets etc to make the space and floor soft and lush. Also bring any feathers, massage tools , etc to pleasure and play with each other or yourself. Please come showered and clean with NO strong smelling perfumes. Dress in clothing with layers that makes you feel sexy, beautiful and confident. Bring water.

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