Be The Love You Are

The Importance of Sexuality, Intimacy and Sacredness  in Life

If you struggle with full enjoyment of your body/spirit and it's potential for life giving energy because of beliefs, conditioning, blocks, past trauma, or lack of knowledge you are not alone. All of these factors and more can hinder your ability to tap into the energy that creates and enhances joy, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction and the feeling of being fully alive. 

How this shows up in your life is individual but some of the most common ways I have seen are:

* Fear of loss of control - not just in sex but in life and your self-confidence to handle life's challenges
* The feeling of holding yourself back from being fully you in your creativity, freedom and the way you live your life
* The fear of intimacy with partner- This creates a barrier to attracting and sustaining a partnership. You can only give of yourself , body and soul if you are able to accept and embrace your body, heart and soul first. 
* The lack of clarity of your needs and desires and the ability to communicate those to yourself and others.

Some of these underlying issues and shadow parts of ourselves that are repressed or denied can result in manifestations like:
  • Lack of libido, difficulty reaching climax with a partner, shame about thoughts and desires, not being able to speak up for what you want, lack of confidence to give or fully receive love and support, feelings of not being worthy and thought patterns that say you are to this that or the other. 
All of these effects can leave you feeling a lack of inspiration, drive, passion and curiosity for life.

The question is are you able and willing to challenge your own beliefs and comfort zone about your sexuality and spirituality as a vehicle for growth and expansion. Can you see the connection between the two as gifts from your source to be embraced as the whole of who you are? 

Some of the things I believe about sexuality and the connection to the divine in us all. 

1) Sexuality is sacred and an essential natural and healthy part of being human; we as humans are sexual spiritual beings lifelong, from conception to death

2) Sexual rights are human rights; all adult sexual expression is acceptable, as long as it is with consent and without intentional harm

3) Every person deserves to choose whether, how, and with whom they wish to express their sexuality, alone and/or with a partner

4) Every person deserves to and can have the sexual aspects of one’s life become realized; every person also has the obligation to take responsibility for their sexual actions and the impact on self, others and the global environment

5) People do not get rid of parts of themselves as sexual beings; they learn how to embrace and accept those aspects of self as part of the holographic universe

6) Sacred Sexuality coaching is a direct, powerful and transformational pathway to sexual healing, sexual wellness and sexual success

7) We can be role models for sex-positivity, sexual empowerment, sexual health to others

Sacred Loving Education and Services

I offer a refreshing and unique approach to sacred loving utilizing mindfulness and modern tantra teachings that help teach us how to be more present in our lives, bodies, feelings and spirit in each moment.  Most initial teachings are verbal communication, meditations and energy work that creates a safe space.

​The intention of all our work is for the client's healing, awakening, and empowering yourself to chose unconditional love, pleasure and intimacy in your life in the way that you want. 

All offerings are tailored to the individual needs of the client based on our communications and agreed upon plan. Initial sessions focus on the basic building blocks that will expand your knowledge on how to build deeper intimacy and trust, and to be more present within your body while giving and receiving love.

Many of these practices are self performed meditations, breath work and visualizations. If and when we both agree to any physical practices they will be with the intention of honoring, nurturing and healing each other as equals in a space of safety and unconditional love.

Learning to have boundaries and agreements is an essential skill that will enable the safety you need to fully surrender to yourself and your partner. We will create and practice how to honor these in our sessions. I promise, you will not at anytime feel pressure to do anything that you don't want to, period. I will also strictly adhere to any and all agreements and boundaries we set and may sometimes have to remind and communicate these when required. 

You are invited to come explore with me the art of sacred conscious loving as a path to your own empowerment. It is our birthright to experience what has been given to us without shame, guilt, pain or judgment. Let divine knowledge be passed down through us to help grow into the lovers and human beings we are.

Some initial options for our coaching and educational services are :

• Honoring , Intentions, Boundaries and creating a Sacred Space for Love
• Harmonization of Moods and Energies- Nurturing Meditation
• Energy Exchange and Clearing Chakras Techniques
• Puja for Two- Release ritual to start to flush away old hurts, fears and blocks
• Loving Communication and Sexual Healing
• Practicing the Art of Receptive and Active Roles
• White Tantra Yoga, Breath work, Visualizations, and Energy Movement
• Discussions on the connection between Spirituality and Sexuality
• Modalities- 101 plus variations to increase Intimacy and Sensuality
• The Art of Touch and Sacred Spot Massage principles and healing practices
• Female Orgasm - How to enhance your potential and ease of flow
* Ejaculation " Amrita " techniques and practices. Learn what it is and how you can experience it

• Longer , Stronger and Multi- Orgasmic possibilities 
• Ejaculatory Control, Choice and Full Body Orgasm techniques for men. 
WATCH the video : Tantra: Exploring Sacred Sexuality below
​Tantra Video Surpasses One Million Views! This is so fun to see again after 2 1/2 yrs since Kelly LaValley and Chris DeCicco helped Paul Sterling record it. It was fun to do and is a nice intro to some very beginner basics. It definitely looks like it was shot in the nineties with just enough chessiness to make me laugh and hopefully you too. Also a great prophecy as I am now a dating coach and matchmaker in addition to sacred sexuality. 

Here is the promo from Date Camp.
Tantra - Exploring Sacred Sexuality has officially gone viral, reaching over one million views on the Date Camp YouTube Channel. In this Date Camp Coaching Clinic, Intimacy Coach Paul Sterling explores the world of sacred sexuality. He describes how these ancient techniques of lovemaking increase intimacy and heighten pleasure. Paul introduces viewers to the Tantra Triangle while three simple positions are demonstrated. 

The First Step- Free 15 minute introduction call

A personal discussion of your interests, specific needs and any questions you may have. This will help us understand your goals, intentions and determine if we are a good fit.

Intro to Tantra Session - $177

This is normally the next step in our partnership and normally lasts about 2 hours. The first 15-30 minutes is focused on capturing your information, discussing your interests and history in more detail and agreeing on your intentions, goals, boundaries and agreements. You will learn the basic foundational techniques of meditations, breathwork, chakras, sounding and how they apply in your Tantra journey. This is a beginner level session if you have not had much experience with Tantra.

Other potential sessions include:
* Womens Healing, Awakening and Empowering sessions
* Couples coaching sessions
* Men's Healing, Coaching and Empowerment sessions
* Tantra Temple gatherings, Total Immersion Experiences, Classes , Workshops and Retreats

Service terms

I do not guarantee or sell sex of any kind, but rather provide an educational environment & opportunity for you to explore your sensuality, sexuality & spirituality in a safe & loving space.

Love offerings are for my time, company & instruction only, whatever happens in a session is considered a private matter between two or more consenting adults of legal age.

Provide your donation at the beginning of our time together. Please don't make me ask. 

Outcalls: Additional fee of may apply for trip time and expeneses. 

Call today on 303-919-0768 for your free 15 minute consultation or message me below


Everyone knows, there is me,
And then there are all these others.
This is common to all.

Lovers know, there is me,
And the source of this me
Is ever mysterious.

Lovers know, each contact with another
Is a spark of the Divine.
Lovers move through this world
Awake to intimacy,
Each touch a revelation
Never to be repeated.


In the context of sharing information on sacred sexuality, erotic embodiment and human connection Chris DeCicco is a Level 1 Certified Tantra Student/ Educator in training from the renowned Source School of Tantra. A unique educational system, founded in 1978, by Charles Muir, the Pioneer of the Modern Tantra Movement in the United States, who, for over thirty years, has been teaching, guiding, and working with over 25,000 students. I have learned directly from Charles how to create and maintain sacred space. For a copy of my certification click here.
"Let yourself be silently drawn
by the stronger pull of what you really love."
— Rumi


Working with Chris has been tremendously healing for me. Having experienced years of sexual abuse and assault, it is imperative for me to feel safe and to have my boundaries honored with impeccable integrity in any kind of therapeutic relationship. Chris consistently met these needs right from the start. Chris is a loving, patient, natural born healer with amazing instincts. He seems to sense what I am experiencing in my body and my emotions, and consistently meets me exactly where I am with loving acceptance, kindness, and deep compassion. He has great intuition around appropriate pace, his touch is always tender and reassuring, and he has a deep capacity to hold a loving space for whatever emotions may surface in the healing process. With Chris’ loving support I’ve experienced deep healing in my body, as well as greater emotional and spiritual liberation, and I am so grateful…

Marie C. Colorado

Dear Chris,

It was a delight to receive a very safe and nurturing session with you. I so appreciated the knowledge you have to share and your complete attention and presence. I experienced divine awakening for us both. I am happy to have you as a referral Daka for my sisters.

Namaste, Jane Breneman

Chris has a gift. With Chris' support and skill, I feel more open, alive and powerful in my life, more able to speak my truth and live and feel like a true goddess. He is present, grounded and able to give a woman full space to express herself. I felt like he could handle anything that came up for me, be it sadness, anger, pure mania or something very quiet and still. I felt him able to work with each moment, be available and honor the goddess within me. Beautiful.

Thank you, Chris!