Be The Love You Are

Become a professional ​snuggler by taking our course, and spread more love in the world while EASILY making between $500-$1000 a week part-time. 

​Hi, I'm Chris DeCicco one of the pioneers in the field of professional cuddling as a service since 2011 and I have exciting news to share. I have been asked so many times to offer some type of training for other people that want to become professional snugglers and build a business around this service that I finally said yes. 

A little about my story, I was a normal down to earth guy married for 23 years with two sons a job selling software in the tech industry and living the American Dream. I pretty much had accomplished every dream or goal I had set for myself when I finally realized that it felt empty inside and I could not figure out why. I loved my family and the life we had built but something was missing and I did not know what it was. I finally made the decision to follow my heart and listen to the voice inside. It said  there was way more possible. That my connection to my spirit and the larger collective spirit was what was missing. So I started a path of self -growth and personal evolution that continues to this day.  

One of the biggest ah ha moments for me was the realization that I loved human contact that was loving and from a place of curiosity and did not need to be sexual. The hug in the street from a friend, the touch on the arm when you feel empathy , the eye contact that transcends the moment and is fully in the moment all at once. I wanted this. I also found that most other people want this especially in our tech focused and physically disconnected times. 

I have had my doubts, judgments, and shame about the idea of making cuddling a service based business. I thought about my family, kids, and friends. What would people think? How would this impact others and could I handle that. I had the moral and spiritual struggles with the idea of profiting from people that need love the most. Then I checked in with my heart. I asked that part of myself that is perfect was this ok? Was this something I should do? Was this needed in the world and would be as helpful as other modalities like massage, talk therapy , coaching or energy healing. 

Guess what? The resounding answer was FUCK YES! 

I would ask you to do a similar process that works for you. Really ask that part of yourself that knows everything you need and wants to give from that place. If you feel in your body the excitement and joy that comes from listening deeply then let's do this! 

This has been brewing for me for awhile. I have wanted to share the wisdom, secrets and experience of many sessions, snuggle party events, workshops, session situations and training's in the hope that others will want to create businesses that offer these services and ultimately spread more love in the world in our 

Finally the timing feels right for me to do this and hopefully you feel inspired to join us! 

News FLASH: ​Cuddling is big business!

​​All you have to do is read the stories , news reports , even documentary movies like " Cuddle - a Documentary"  to know that cuddling is not only wanted but people are willing to pay for it like they would a massage or spa treatment.  If you read on my page titled Snuggle at the top of the menu you can get a more full picture of why snuggling is so important especially now more than ever. It can be a hotly debated topic as it comforts many social norms. Freedom of choice and the intention to feel good and help others feel good is our intention. Being willing to exchange time, care, healing touch for money, which we feel is a legitimate way to share more love and affection with each other. To hold another in a non-sexual way can and does change a person on many levels from immediate mood to long term happiness. 

In this article in "Business Insider" Samantha Hess talks about why she does this and how she earns up to $7200 a mth just cuddling. Read it here .....

Watch CBS Sunday Morning : Mo Rocca gets cuddled to see how just how big and more widely accepted this is.​

The question is do you love cuddling enough to feel a passion about spreading the love and providing a service that has the ability to change the world one heart at a time? Keep reading to find out what it takes to build your own business and make a great living doing something you love.

Top 10 reasons
1) Lots of  cuddles creates your own peace and harmony so that you have plenty of love to share
2) The satisfaction of providing a service that brings love and joy into people's life
3) Having a purpose and passion you can express in way that feels good to everyone
4) Building a business you love at a very low upfront investment. 
5) Making money while lying down, cuddling of course
6) It's a super fun and playful way to earn a great part-time living
7) It does not cost much to get started
8) The everyday opportunity to feel the difference it makes in a client's lives
9) It's a great conversation starter that leads to referrals and fun conversations
10) You have the freedom to choose who, when and how you work.
There are more reasons and these are not in order of importance as that is an individual perspective. 

So what does it take and why you can do it!
  • It takes a person with the intention to be of service first and foremost. 
  • A person who cares about their clients and providing an open hearted experience that changes people from the inside out.
  • Someone who can hold boundaries, keep agreements and handle the clients specific needs and challenges they may bring into a session.
  • A fun loving bliss bunny who knows that joy and happiness are each person's birthright and they have a burning desire to help people find this in their lives.
  • Someone who acts from an inspired place of action and is willing to be mentored into being their biggest selves.
Why you would want to take this course?
Your life will be transformed in ways you can't imagine. I know that is a bold statement but here's why.  
The self growth and expansion you will experience as part of the training is undefineable. We will co-create a space where you get to practice by experiencing your own truth around intimacy, past stories, conditioning and more. As you do this inner work and then teach others through safe touch you get to live the life you dream of through embodying your highest self. This includes creating your foundation of self love practices that utilize mindfulness, law of attraction and yoga. You will experience your own evolution throughout the training that can be applied to all areas of your life.  

It's like cuddling on a cloud .

Working with Chris as your mentor you will learn from an expert in the field who has built two successful businesses based on snuggling and love. I want to share my wisdom, experience and knowledge so that others continue to expand and offer this service all over the world.

During the course you will learn:
How to snuggle with strangers, while feeling safe and enjoying it.
*  How to create the right environment that provides healing
*  How to easily attract the right clients that you want to work with
*  Develop a business that sells itself and earn $500 a week. Some snuggler's make that a day! 
*  Learn to host workshops and Snuggle party events that generate new clients and extra $$$$
*  Translate your talents and holistic gifts into a fulfilling stream of abundance
*  Build a practice that enhances other parts of your career and lifestyle
*  Utilize our proven processes and documentation to get started immediately
*  Create your brand and specific offerings
*  Expert techniques and skills to keep the sessions fun, interesting and variety that keep your clients coming back

What's it really like and why would you want to do it?  Listen to some the snuggle team talk about their experience, and training. 

 3 Day in person training program: 

This is our most in-depth course and is designed for someone who is serious about snuggling. If you are looking to build a business based on healing touch or are looking to work on your own capacity to give and receive intimate contact with boundaries and agreements this is for you. You may also want to take the course if the idea of being a professional cuddler sounds interesting and you want to try it on to see if it fits. You will work directly with Chris DeCicco- Founder of Be The Love You Are. He will be sharing his experience of over 5 years of providing this service and hosting events related to the field of relating in conscious healing ways. You will learn what works and why. This is a crash course that condenses all the best wisdom gained over that time in a way that you can grasp and model for your our immediate impact. Start turning a profit immediately. 
You will receive: 
  • A complete step by step guide
  • The structure of a successful and enjoyable experience
  • Processes that work whatever the situation that may arise. 
  • The confidence and foundation you need to get started as soon as you complete the course
  • Access to "Cuddle - a Documentary with clips of cuddle sessions and background information that will help you on your way
  • A 10 point cheat sheet quick guide
  • The actual documents that we use, including our agreement etc.
  • You will also be part of the Be the Love You Are snuggle stars referral section.  
Plus 2 live training sessions - in Boulder, Colorado
During the sessions you will be able to ask questions, role play, experiment and gain the important skills you will need to handle anything with grace and your own personal empowerment. The sessions are a co-creation between us so any scenarios or want to practice can be incorporated to make them as valuable as possible. 
Next steps: 
1) Set-up a time to talk , ask questions and see if this is right for you 
2) Go ahead and reserve your place by clicking the buy now button below 
3) Send an email to Chris to confirm your order was received and arrange a date and the logistics for your first live session.

Call Chris on 303-919-0768 today! 

May the LOVE be with you! 

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